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NEW: Heat & Eat Meals! 

These are fresh-frozen meals that just need to be reheated when you’re ready to serve them!

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1/4 Beef


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$300 deposit – no refunds.


A 1/4 Beef consists of one-fourth of all the cuts from a whole beef.

You will receive an average of 100 to 125 pounds of beef.

The cost is $10 per pound.

Example: 100 x $10 – $300 = $700

Cuts include: Tenderloin, T Bone and Porterhouse (or Ny Strip and Tenderloin), Sirloin, Ribeye, Steak Tips, Flap and Skirt, Chuck Eye Steak, Flat Iron, Denver, Roasts, Short Ribs, Kabobs, Stew and ground (bones and organ meat available)

Heat & Eat Meals

We have delicious fresh-frozen meals ready for you and your family! All you need to do is heat them up at home & enjoy them.