Farmer Matt

Picnic Party Pack

5 pounds of Farmer Matt Dry Aged Angus patties and one package of your choice of hotdogs

Farm Services


Farmer Matt is responsible for the care and fertilization of hay crops on his farm, as well as manages hay fields owned by other families and farms in the region. This includes the maintenance of the haymaking equipment, harvesting and preserving the hay, marketing and selling all the hay produced.

Cattle Farming & Raising Calves

Farmer Matt offers cattle services, this includes: Backgrounding Cattle for other Farmers and Commercial Beef Retailers (Backgrounding Cattle means Farmer Matt is responsible for the care and nutrition of the cattle) and oversees a local harvest program for commercial retailers.

Soil Testing

Farmer Matt’s farm produces certified organic hay. As a result, Farmer Matt offers soil testing as a service.

Farmer Matt

860 West Brookfield Road
New Braintree, MA 01531
Phone: 413.575.3726