About Farmer Matt

West Brookfield, MA local, Farmer Matt, manages 400+ acres of farmland in the Brookfield and surrounding towns. Much of the land he farms has been certified organic since 2015.

Farmer Matt is responsible for the care and management of his herd of cattle. He breeds Angus cows and calves and uses a purebred bull each season. His cattle are raised on primarily hay that Matt makes each year and rotational grazing pastures during the growing season.

This local enterprise sells the beef it produces as well as the certified and conventional hay it produces. Farmer Matt also offers custom haymaking for many of the local farms.

An image of a man and his dog. The man pictured is Matthew Koziol.

Farmer Matt

860 West Brookfield Road
New Braintree, MA 01531
Email: farmermattwb@gmail.com
Phone: 413.575.3726